Forest Therapy – take it with you

I’ve made a special aromatherapy blend that was inspired by my participation in the Strolls for Well Being program at the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island. It reminds me of how uplifted, focused, relaxed and inspired I feel when I am there. The aroma is like the fresh air with notes of the canopy of trees and the fragrant damp earth under my feet.

And now it’s available at the Bloedel gift shop! I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share my inspiration! 

I included this description with the blends:

Forest Walk Aromatherapy by Jennifer S. Lombard, Certified Aromatherapist

Spending time at Bloedel Reserve helps me feel relaxed, focused, and inspired.  One of the first things I notice as I start my stroll down the path from the parking lot is the aromas in the fresh air. This inspired me to make an essential oil blend that reminds me of that aroma and how I feel when I am at Bloedel.

Take the aroma and benefits of Bloedel Reserve with you. Wear this blend of essential oils and jojoba anytime you want to feel more focused, uplifted, relaxed, positive, centered, or inspired. Roll this blend onto your temples, collarbone, neck, or wrists, or massage a small amount into tense muscles.

Cedarwood helps settle your nerves and supports the breath.  It has an overall balancing effect.

Douglas Fir, a Bloedel Reserve resident, is encouraging, positive, and uplifting.

Vetiver essential oil, distilled from vetiver grass roots, is grounding and helps quiet the mind.

Frankincense supports focus and deep breathing, reduced stress and tension, and can help return you to the present moment. 

Sweet Marjoram is calming, comforting, and supports self-care.

Jojoba is a liquid plant wax that moisturizes the skin and never goes rancid.


About Strolls for Well-Being

This program is all about the healing opportunities found in spending time in nature, contemplative strolling and journaling.  You receive a journal with a theme for 12 different self-guided strolls and journaling/reflecting prompts.  There are three meetings where the facilitators create a safe and encouraging “space” to share your thoughts on the program, ask questions, share experiences, etc. and they share some of the wisdom behind the program and strolling in nature.   I enjoyed the sense of community and hearing common themes in what drew people to the program.  Journaling and reflecting gave me insights into my current frame of mind and stage in life, and I felt stress melt away when I was there.  My acupuncturist even noticed a difference, and said “You’ve been breathing!” I thought about it and she was right – I had been remembering to breathe more consciously.


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