Davids Lion Band

“David’s Lion is a Seattle area band performing their original brand of Funkabluesadelic music. The logo and band name is inspired by a shirt (so ugly it was cool) worn by a man named…you guessed it…David.”

This is an example of handmade (by me) ceramics you will be able to buy at David’s Lion Band events. Items available may include mugs, shotglasses, magnets, jars, coasters. Made in Bremerton, WA in small batches.

Cannabougie Club

Mal, is the owner and woman behind CannaBougie Club. Here is a quote from her website: “I believe in elevating the experience of using cannabis. At CannaBougie Club you’ll find beautiful accessories, and thoughtfully curated details to help each session you’re hosting to be something unique and memorable. You can shop my selection at my monthly pop up shops at Stylist Alicia Studios in Silverdale, WA or in my online pop up group!”

I have made some ceramic joint holders for Mal’s shop. The joint fits in one end, and the smoke inhaled from the other end is cooled to give you a more comfortable experience. Each one is a unique, wheel-thrown piece. The metallic designs are 22 karat gold.

Albers Vista Marcovina Gardens

I am making ceramic signs for various areas of Albers Vista Marcovina Gardens, which is located in Bremerton, WA and open to the public for scheduled tours and in spring/summer open for a few hours on Fridays for self-guided strolls (Click on the link to visit the website for more information.)

From the website: “The gardens are formed by 15 distinct areas, containing over a thousand aesthetically arranged different plants providing four season color and interest with landscape art strategically located throughout.”