Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy that can support the body in its work to achieve balance and harmony.

To schedule any of my services, click on the schedule button.  You will be redirected to book the appointment on Square Up. The location is set to my business location. However since I do not have a public space, services will take place at a mutually agreed upon meeting space, workshop space, or cafe that we will determine after initial contact is made.


*Note: Dates and times you schedule through this website are tentative until I am able to confirm my availability, and if the service is not free, it is tentative until receipt of payment.

“Jennifer is so attentive to detail when setting out to create a custom blend. She is very mindful in asking about any allergies to essential oils. She gets very specific when asking about symptoms that she will address through the use of her blends. The packaging is lovely as well. Jennifer puts so much compassion, empathy and creativity into her blends and her packaging: it is quite a treat. I felt well taken care of and truly listened to. You deserve a blend made by Jennifer; you’ll be so glad that you ordered it.” -D Rose
“The foot butter is REALLY helping my cracked knuckles.They were less dry to the touch immediately. They stopped actively bleeding after the 3rd application in 5 hours or so. The vanilla scent is nice and mild, too.” – Melissa R.
“I’m so in love with the customized scent of my anointing oil! I continue to use it as an invocation for tapping into my worthiness. It has contributed in a significant way to up-leveling my life. Thank you so much!” – Lena C

Free Introductory Consultation

I will recommend an essential oil or two for a specific goal or concern that you have, and how you can use them for the most benefit

Includes consultation up to 30 minutes, and up to 2 samples of essential oil (1mL each) (shipping costs may apply). I will be taking into consideration personal factors to determine if there are any ingredients that may be a safety concern for you such as possible drug interactions or medical contraindications.

I will have some supplies on hand that you can buy to personalize how you use your samples, such as carrier oils and containers. Costs for supplies and shipping, if applicable, will vary.

“Jennifer’s research and recommendations were spot on. I relied on essential oils to calm my stress, relax me to sleep and help me adjust to time zone changes for long-term travel this spring. There is a reason these oils are called essential.”  – Delila

“Make a blend” Consultation 

This is great if you have some essential oils and would like some guidance on how to make a blend to enhance your wellness, or if you are thinking about using essential oils but want to experience making a blend before you invest in materials.

In person – 1 hour: We’ll schedule a time and place, I’ll bring my oils and some materials and supplies, and you can get your oils and supplies out if you have some you want to use.  We’ll go over your blend goals and I’ll guide you through the process.

Video call – 30 min: You’ll use your own supplies and I’ll guide you through the process (we can talk about what you will need in advance and I’ll give suggestions on sourcing)

Formulating Assistance

Complimentary 15-minute consultation

Do you make bath and body products for yourself or others?

I can help you determine safe and effective formulations and recommend appropriate essential oils and carriers to use.

Classes, Workshops, Events

1-hour Intro with Year-Round Wellness focus
(Cost may vary depending on overhead expenses – usually $10-$15 per person)

1-hour Intro with Essential Oils for the Office focus (Cost may vary depending on overhead expenses – usually $10-$15 per person)

Add on a “Make and Take” Activity (customized to theme, venue, or event)
(Increase time by one hour. Cost for activity determined by materials – usually $5 – $10 per person)

Would you like to add an aromatherapy feature to your event? Let’s talk! I can do presentaions or information tables that can include samples, interactive elements and handouts for attendees to keep.

One example of interactive elements/samples I create is what I have named “aromagami”.  I fold lotuses from durable paper and tuck in a piece of felt that can be used to diffuse a drop or two of essential oil.  I let the recipient choose an essential oil and I’ll tell them a little bit about the oil, and they keep the lotus, which is reusable – once the scent fades you can add more essential oil.

aromagamiInfo Table 4

“Thank you so much for putting on this amazing class. So informative and fun. I liked the whole class from start to finish. I made the REFRESH blend. I use it on my face in the shower. It wakes and brightens my day at the same time. I would highly recommend this class. Jennifer sure knows her stuff. Thank you again…..”
-Kelly Chess

Consultation and Holistic Custom Blend $65

Includes one custom-made blend and instructions/description, intake review, research, consultation (30 minutes to 1 hour), report explaining your blend and how to use it, and a follow-up consultation.  As a bonus, my individualized research will include a list of the essential oils that are currently contraindicated for you, for your records. This process of gathering information, formulation, and presentation of your blend takes several hours.

Custom Holistic Blends are a wonderful, natural way to address a specific concern, because I tailor the blend to your individual needs and lifestyle, while taking into consideration where you are with your health. We can work with essential oils aromatically to support mood, focus, your respiratory system, digestive system, and more.  It can be blended with a “carrier” such as coconut or grape seed oil and applied topically to support the skin or deeper tissues. These are just a few examples! Essential oils have many therapeutic mental and physical applications! Please be aware, some essential oils have safety considerations, so it is important for me to know about your health history and current conditions.

There are so many ways I can help you. If stress, pain, or lack of sleep are part of your experience, the blend I make can address these drains on your vital energy so that your body can do its work to come back into balance. Just focusing on these can make a great impact. There are other issues I can address as well, including emotional support, focus, immune system support, and supporting recovery of minor injuries.

It’s simple!

1. Schedule a Consultation – By clicking on the schedule button. The consultation can either be in person, by phone, or a video call such as Skype™ or Zoom.


In-person consultations would be in Bremerton, Kitsap County. I occasionally visit King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. If I am in your area, we may be able to coordinate an in-person consultation. *Please see the cancellation policy at the bottom of this page.

2. Tell me about yourself –  Once you schedule your consultation, I will email you the new or returning client paperwork. Complete the forms and email them to me. This will provide me with the information needed before your consultation. We can fill them out at the consultation if you are unable to do this beforehand.

  • Complete and send the intake and release forms to me (intake, release, & safety guidelines).
  • If there is any information you would prefer not to email, complete what you can on the intake form. We can go over the more sensitive information on the phone.
  • Once I receive the completed forms, I will contact you to schedule your consultation. All of your information is kept confidential.

3. Consultation– We’ll meet for 30 minutes or more to talk about your wellness needs in more detail. During the consultation, we’ll go over your intake form, clarify or expand on information you’ve provided, talk about what kinds of blends may work for you, and go over aroma preferences.

If the consultation is in person, I may have a sample or two for you to try and to take with you based on information provided in your intake form. Depending on complexity, the consultation could take 30 minutes to an hour, so I recommend setting aside an hour. I may send you additional questions via your preferred method of communication.

4. Your Custom Blend – After the consultation, I’ll create your custom blend.

I will do any further research needed and contact you to go over the blend(s) I would make for you.  I may recommend more than one blend if a combination would best suit you.

You’ll receive your custom blend with instructions and a section for you to write notes on how it’s working for you. The first blend plus shipping is included with your consultation.  For each additional blend the cost depends on the materials, quantity and shipping cost.

I will mail your blends to you.  Shipping will be via USPS first class or priority mail. Pick-up or delivery may be an option and is determined on a case-by-case basis.  Fees for travel and time may apply to all deliveries.

5. How’s it working? – Following up is an important part of this process. I’ll check in with you and adjust your blend if needed.

After you receive your blend, we’ll set up a time for a follow-up so we can assess how it’s working for you. The notes you make while you are using it are important for an effective follow-up.  We’ll go over your notes and observations, and determine if I need to adjust the blend.  If a new or adjusted blend is needed, reformulation of the first blend is included in the consultation fee and I will send it to you at no extra charge, or arrange pick-up or delivery

Moving forward after the follow-up – I will continue to check in with you, see how you’re doing, whether your primary concern has resolved, listen to your feedback, and so on.  I will keep the recipes for your blends on file in case you would like to buy refills.

*Cancellation Policy: Please notify me 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

“Inflammation of tissues surrounding my degenerative knee joints creates a painful situation for me. Being mindful of my mobility and a pharmaceutical is recommended [by] the orthopedist. Careful attention to knee movement dynamics and a pharmaceutical was tried. The pain subsided and I continued to be mindful of how I used my knees and how I rested them.
I elected to consult with Jennifer about an essential oil remedy for inflammation. She formulated a cream using a base and essential oils to be applied to the area of tissue around my knee joints. I can say that her cream and mindful body movement have been enough to keep the inflammation at bay and allows me to maintain enjoyable gardening.
Don’t hesitate to contact Jennifer for a consultation of your whole body health. As a practitioner of healing arts she will give a very thorough review of your presenting issue and make recommendations within the scope of her practice with essential oil blends as well as lotions and creams.” – Kalissa F.

Note:  Services, fees, and procedures are subject to change.

My services and the information from this website are not a replacement for medical or psychological care and should not be considered an alternative to the advice of a health professional. Do not use information obtained from to ignore or disregard health professionals’ advice. I am a certified aromatherapist, but I am not a licensed medical professional. I do not diagnose, treat, prescribe, or promise to prevent or cure any medical condition or disease. These statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.