Exciting Things Happening in the Essential Oil Industry! (see new note 3/21/21)

I love when essential oil companies provide quality testing reports with the essential oils they sell. But what about the ones that don’t? Anyone can claim their essential oil to be 100% pure and natural, but that doesn’t mean they are! Dr. Pappas of Essential Oil University has exposed some companies for producing and marketing fraudulent essential oils (some that you find on Amazon are especially suspect – for more information see his Facebook page Essential Oil University).
This brings me to my feature today: Essential Oil Analysis Foundation.
Their story is on their Facebook page Essential Oil Analysis Foundation. Essential oil chemist and industry expert Dr. Pappas* wanted to find a way to provide testing to verify purity and quality for specific oils that consumers request, at no cost to the consumer (or very little cost – the opportunity to request testing of a specific oil is granted when ordering from the EO Analysis website, but anyone can view the published monthly test results whether buying products from the foundation or not).  Testing can cost hundreds of dollars.  EO Analysis Foundation was formed to facilitate this vision. Artisan distillers and essential oil testing and research labs donate batches of essential oils and hydrosols that you and I can buy from www.essentialoilanalysis.com and the money goes toward testing of oils.
*EDIT 3/21/21 On March 20, 2021 Dr. Robert Pappas posted something in support of anti-masking during a worldwide pandemic and as a result has lost his credibility in my eyes. Though he has done good work and probably will continue to do good work, it is unfortunately now tainted by this anti-science perspective. I will update this post if I find out that the companies affiliated with him share the same support of anti-science/anti-masking. I do not stand for these dangerous sentiments. 
My favorite part of this!
Access to unique, exclusive and often very special essential oils and hydrosols!
*Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry is one of the main types of testing that aromatherapists rely on to see what is in essential oils.  It identifies each of the chemical components present and the percentage of each component.  It’s not only important in finding out if an oil is adulterated with other ingredients, but helps identify whether components with health concerns are present.  Also, by knowing what components are in an essential oil we can have a better understanding of the therapeutic benefits, based on knowledge of the properties of the components learned through research. I wrote a short https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fearthandaetheraromatherapy%2Fposts%2F1688429771197088&width=500“>Facebook post about science and essential oils.
Check out these links for more information on GC/MS testing and essential oil chemistry!

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