Just added!


I’ve just added my consultation and custom blend information to my website! It only took three and a half months…

My main conundrum is, how do I approach this as a business, with fees, and expenses that I must be able to cover (and recover), while still helping as many people as I can?  Access to health insurance and affordable healthcare gets more challenging for many people.  Having been there, I don’t want the help that I can offer to be just as inaccessible.  It’s something I’ll have to meditate on.

I’m a mix of “I’ve got to think this whole thing through and make sure it’s right” and “I’ll just go with this so I can get on with it.” “I need more eyes to look over this” and “I can’t quite explain it…but this feels right, I’ll stick with it.”

A combination of planning, research, facts… but also intuition.  Like my aromatherapy blends.

A few years ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d be so into aromatherapy that I’d have a certification and a business, but I also didn’t know at the time how many amazing ways I could use it to help people with pain, focus, energy, reducing exposure to toxic chemicals…and more…naturally!

However, the desire to help people has always been there, the creative spark has always been there, the interest in nature, plant medicine, and natural solutions has always been there!

The Feather and Blossom

There is a little story behind the feather and plum blossom photo that I use.  It was a beautiful March afternoon in Queen Anne, Seattle.  I was walking and saw this feather on the ground with a flower petal right next to it, just as it is in the photo.  I thought “that’s kinda cool!” then continued walking, stopped, went back and took a photo.  Then it occurred to me that it seemed to fit as a logo (for reasons I can’t quite articulate), more than the sketches I had been doing, which also had a feather theme.  As I started to set up my social media pages and design business cards, I started using the photo, since I hadn’t finished designing an “official” logo.

I love the connection this image has to nature, the subtle statement of simple, unpretentious beauty, and the synchronicity of how the feather and blossom landed “just so”.  The flower speaks to me about natural healing and the cycles and seasons of life.  To me, feathers are a reminder of what it feels like to be “light” – unburdened by heavy thoughts and emotions, to remember my “essential” nature.

What does it say to you?

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